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PSB IMAGINE X2T Lautsprecher

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Imagine X2T Tower Speaker

This slim floorstanding model borrows many design innovations from our multiple award-winning Imagine T2 model, yet costs only one third as much! Much of the cost savings come from a simplified cabinet design, but other advancements have allowed us to bring a new level of performance to this price range.



"Exceptionally well engineered for their price, these speakers will play with a midrange focus and naturalness, and a bass range power and resolution that simply aren't available in most other loudspeakers at this price" said The Absolute Sound in their excellent review of the PSB Imagine X2T Tower. In the review TAS editor, Julie Mullins, praises what she deems to be the Imagine X2T's three main highlights: transparency, power range and bass. "This little speaker delivers surprisingly clean tone color and hefty, extended low end - an unexpected feature in such a package at such a price point", says Mullins who has a lot of experience reviewing a wide range of high-end stereo speakers, "this beauty, resolution, and power were reminiscent of much more expensive speakers".

Read the full review in the May/June 2015 issue of The Absolute Sound


Extended Bass Response that's Fast and Articulate

Each 6 1/2" woofer has its own separate acoustic chamber tuned with a front-facing port to achieve incredible control and spatial, dynamic sound quality. Dividing and individually porting the chamber eliminates standing waves inside the X2T's tall, slim speaker cabinet. The placement of the woofers in multiple positions also reduces the first reflection phenomenon, minimizing the negative effects of the primary ‘floor bounce' reflections, creating a much more accurate and tuneful bass performance. The result being low distortion bass response that speaks with powerful authority.

Our Ears are Most Sensitive to the Midrange Frequencies

The Imagine X2T is a true three-way speaker that utilizes a separate midrange driver in its own tuned enclosure for ideal dispersion and low distortion at high SPLs. The all-new driver is designed specifically for the Imagine X2T. Featuring an injection-moulded poly-filled carbon fibre cone, the 5 1/4" midrange driver features a novel shape and filleted surround to optimize the reproduction of voices. The narrow cabinet design contributes by preventing diffraction effects that can create early acoustic reflections that colour the sound of voices and instruments.

Technische Daten

Name: PSB Imagine X2T
Typ: Standlautsprecher
Bauweise: Bassreflex vorne
Frequenzgang (min-max): 30 - 23000 Hz
Wege/Systeme: 3 / 4
Wirkungsgrad: 90 dB
Impedanz: 8 Ω
Dim. (H×B×T): 103.6×19×44.6 cm
Ausführungen: schwarz
Links: Datenblatt Anleitung
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